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The MOA STEALTH suppressor cover is a silicone suppressor cover made from high-performance grade silicone for the use of any firearm suppressor that the cover can be fitted to safely.

The covers have been designed and field-tested to withstand the wide variety of harsh elements and conditions that every shooter/hunter encounters.

There are two sizes & two colors to choose from.

  • Diameter (METRIC): 35.8-41.8mm & 41.8-50mm 
  • Diameter (IMPERIAL): 1.41-1.65 inches & 1.65-2.0 inches
  • Length (METRIC): 300mm (standard length)
  • Length (IMPERIAL): 11.8 inches (standard length)
  • Colors: Jet Black/Army Green/FDE (Flat Dark Earth)

There are two diameter options to accommodate the variety of suppressor diameters around the world. To select the correct size for the suppressor you desire to apply the cover to measure the outside diameter of your suppressor before purchasing. Alternatively, ask or research the correct specifications of your suppressor from your suppressor supplier.

Both of the sizes come at a standard length of 300mm/11.8 inches. The cover is designed to cut down to the length of the suppressor you desire to apply it to. The ribbed nodules on the cover not only help the cover blend into its surroundings but they assist with cutting the cover to the length you desire to cut it to.

Instruction manuals are included with purchases to help with the cutting and application procedure.


For more facts and information on the MOA STEALTH cover please go to the 'Product Info' page.